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Second Story Media really is a “second story” for its founders, Scott Gardner and Brad Rodgers. The two worked together for over 20 years in Mobile, Alabama, producing the syndicated broadcast TV series Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford, before launching their own creative venture. Those years honed their storytelling and video production skills and earned them two Emmy nominations.

Brad’s attention to detail and stubborn pursuit of excellence are exactly the qualities you want in a cinematographer and editor. Add his creative vision and remarkable sense of aesthetics and you always get beautiful results.

Writing is where Scott shines because he loves the challenge of arranging the perfect words in the perfect order to tell a great story. His love of a good story makes him a great interviewer too, because his interest in other people’s stories puts them at ease and brings out their best.



The Concept

Storytelling starts with an idea. You already have that idea. We help you organize it and amplify it to generate a response. Tell us who you want to reach and how you want them to respond… we’ll design a video concept that checks those boxes.

The Process

If it needs a script, we’ll create one that sings. Each shot, word, interview, or graphic is an important piece of the puzzle that we assemble to tell YOUR story… with power.

The Result

You already have an idea… and a story. Let us help you tell it with passion.

"When we get to know our clients, we can tell a great story for them."

Let's get started telling the BEST version of YOUR story.

We’re flexible enough to help you develop an entire project from scratch or just tackle a single
step in the process, because we love helping people create great content. Call us, we’d love to serve you.


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